Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Neat Resources

Hey! So I know I'm not keeping up my blog very well, I might catch up someday. I've been busy with a new job, some car troubles, oh yah, did I mention classes? Speaking of classes I went to mine tonight, and wanted to share some links I was introduced to today!
The first I find entertaining:
Grammar Girl. She can be found at her website and iTunes/free podcast. Her website also suplies an episode transcript. Once you find out how fun she is you'll be interested to hear from her friends Make it Green Girl, Mighty Mommy, and Legal Lad.

For those of you with kiddies learning to read check out Starfall. Very free, and very fun and kid friendly. I even played a few rounds.

For those of you who know of kids who are learning to type, check out free Dance Mat Typing.

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