Monday, September 8, 2008

Flowers and Fun

Some of us girls went out to dinner Friday night at Dai Bai Dang. Yummy rice, Yummy tea, pot stickers, crispy beef, orange chicken and another meat. It was kind of a meat lovers meal. (L-R Me, Beth, Val, Des, and Kassy)
The next morning after starting to scrape paint off the fence it got too hot! My mom and I went to meet Cindy and Charlotte at Border's one of the big bookstores in town. Good company!
After coffee my mom and I went to the nursery to pick up some flowers to spruce up the yard, and make it cheery for a baby shower we're hosting next weekend.

That evening was another spent with friends. I went over to Destinie's boyfriends (Mikey) house for a barbecue! 3 cheers for hamburgers with avocado and blue cheese! Yum!

Beth, Destinie, and Destinie's Crabby mug for when she's "Crabby!"

They had a cool Pirates of the Caribbean dice game. Mostly it thought they were fun to stack!
Sunday morning Mark, Cindy, and my parents woke up super early and started working on the fence while it was cool! Big thanks to Mark and Cindy for their help! (I had reason to sleep in because I had stayed up late planting flowers!)
Here's my dad painting!
The hard workers took a break when I made blueberry pancakes! Thank you again Neola, the blueberries are yummy!
I left early to go to College Coffee at Starbucks, and on my way snapped a picture of the three amigos holding up the tarp to block paint spray. My dad is painting on the other side.

The finished product. Some of the flowers I put into pots.

The weekend ended off with a fantastic College group dinner at Randy and Jamie's! Jamie put together a baked potato meal with ingredients that came from within a hundred mile radius. How cool is that? Thank you for hosting us!

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Anonymous said...

haha! about the dice game, there is that competitive spirit! you look cute with the plants! good job!