Monday, October 5, 2009

This One Time, At Quilt Camp:

1.) I heard the work "farkle" used more times, and in more ways than ever.
2.) Someone measured my bicep.
3.) Cindy wore socks that matched her quilt blocks.

4.) We got a sewing machine maintenance lesson...and then the teacher broke Tanya's machine.
5.) We learned you can still sew if you machine is "off" (the only switch is the light switch.)
6.) I found a group of fabrics that makes me say "I love this fabric" and do a little wiggle dance after every little step to my quilt.

7.) Aunt Maggie sewed and ripped many a seam on her 3...2...1...2...1...3...2...1...blast off quilt. Like some NASA adventures this one took a few tries to get it right before blast off. But Look how GREAT it is!8.) Debbie F. attended her first quilt camp!

9.) The Needler worked on this quite fitting quilt filled with "blood red." I'm thinking "Needlers Twilight Chain" is my nickname for this quilt. (At least until I can come up with something that ties in Twilight which I conned her into reading and getting hooked on, and well needling.)

10.) Dottie made lots of lemons out of lemonade turning what might have been considered not so great salvaged quilt tops into great works of art! She's a quilting master!

11.) Cindy finished this great wedding quilt in the brides most favorite colors. (Not to be confused with my favorite colors.)12.) Jennifer played real life Farkle. Farkle is technically a game that she likes to play online. (A lot. I'm not sold yet, I still prefer Mafia Wars) While at quilt camp we decided that it could be substituted for other words.

I farkled your scissors. The tire on our car is farkled. You don't want to go over there...I farkled. Anyway. You get the point. That night we were all giggles with our farkle sentences.13.) Tanya finished this star-tlingly attractive quilt top! 14.) and these are the pieces I came home with. Far cry from the finished product but...

don't you just Loooooooooooooove the fabric?


Neola said...

Looks and sounds like you all had a great time. Must be wonderful to have that kind of togetherness and accomplish so much.

Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

I echo Neola's sentiments! I do looooove that fabric! Blues, greens, browns and a hint of farkle! Love and prayers-Janice

The Luedtke Family said...

So farlke-tastic!!

Farkle on, all you farklers!

Anonymous said...

Jessica... I had a Farkleing good time. Thanks for making me laugh.