Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sherbet Slippers

So I got the first shipment of yarn that I was waiting for Friday. Here's the thing. HALF of what makes these slippers so delicious is using yummy yarn. The yarn arrived when Aunt Audrie, Uncle Val, and Aunt Betty were visiting with us in the living room<more on that here>. They can probably attest that I was VERY excited. I hurriedly opened the box, insisted that everyone feel the yarn, and look at it, and isn't it fabulous?! Then I proceeded to my room grabbed my crochet hook and sat right down to start those slippers.

This makes me think of my knitting calendar (ironically from Mark and Cindy) it is by Yarn Harlot she says:
You know you knit (crochet) too much when you buy yourself some new yarn at the shop and pick up some new knitting needles too. Not because you don't have 34 pairs that size (because you do), but because you want to start your new project right away, and you cant wait until you get home.

Had I purchased this yarn from the store I would have had to buy a hook too. Anyway, so I was so anxious to start the slippers I didn't think to take a picture of the delicious Debbie Bliss cotton dk yarn before I started using it. I think it's called Berry and Spicy Persimmon. The yarn must have "spoken" to me because look how they turned out!

They were big on me but I needed picture! The flowers were a final touch of whimsy I added at the end. I pulled the buttons from my JoAnnes "bogo" stash.
Their name WAS going to be inspired by Creamsicles.THAT reminded me of Baskin Robins' Rainbow Sherbet.

These slippers are Cindy's Sherbet Slippers.

Ps. This was my 200th post just in case you were wondering. I was trying to think of something special and then I forgot. When I came on to post the slippers I remembered, and then thought these ARE special. All my posts are special. Maybe something big will happen on 500?

PPs. There's still a listing in my ETSY shop, should you feel the urge to order slippers.


Julia said...

I'm Allison's mom and I wanted to see what you were making. I love the slippers....and you are right....great yarn!

The Luedtke Family said...

Perhaps the blog will have a new name by post #500. How much longer will you be "Just Jessica" now?

Neola said...

Love the colors!!

Anonymous said...

Where did you take the pictures? where did you find a perfectly white background, you didn't just set this up for the pictures did you?

Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

Yummy slippers!! Okay now mine! Love, Janice

Anonymous said...

Very cute colors, Jess! And I like the flowers to complete the look!