Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One in Every Color-Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher

While were on the dream sewing room lets head right over to the dream kitchen. These are the dream appliances. (Made by a company called Big Chill.) I think I'd like a fridge, dishwasher and oven/stove in red. I would like black granite or concrete countertops. I would like my counter tops to be about 3 inches lower than the average counter tops. This has been run by Luke with the understanding that we'll have a very tall shower, and tall bathroom counters. Deal. I would like lighter cabinets. Luke prefers wood and that's fine. I would like a giant kitchen sink two sections, and a tall faucet with a retractable sprayer with a control button option.
I would LOOOOOVE a large island topped with a butcher block. No sinks no fixtures just  an outlet on the side. This is where Ill be doing all my baking! (I'm banking on the idea that big chill will come up with a way to install a second oven with the same look just under the microwave.)

I'll also take one of these! Probably hanging over the island for convenience, and I intend to have something like this plate rack for maybe 10 or so of my Fiesta plates to be arranged in seasonal color combinations!

Sigh....a girl can dream right? :)


Jamie said...

Hey, that picture of those dishes looks like my mom's cupboards! I think she's up to 6 different colors in her mix.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun kitchen, Jess'!

Anonymous said...

Progress is built on a foundation of dreams. That and hard work. Dream on! Then get to work. And God save you if you ever turn against red. Love, Dad.

Tanya said...

I'd let you decorate my dream house anyday! It sounds fantastic! (I also agree with your dad about God save you if you ever decide you don't like red...but as someone who painted a wall RED and whose dad also cautioned against red things, Who could ever turn against red?!?)