Monday, February 22, 2010

One In Every Color-Tape

I'm definitely lusting after this tape found <here> at Happy Tape! Happy Tape people...does it get any better? And yah I know I have a whole stack of ribbon that looks just like this tape... but they'll look so great together in my dream craft room on dispensers like this painted to match!
And one wall over there will be cubbies with fabric and yarn also arranged chromatically. No baskets. I want to see the colors. The bottom wide shelves will be full of pattern books and magazines.
In the middle of this fictional dream room will be a giant table for cutting and blocking and ironing.
The wall with no windows will be corner to corner Wonder Wall. (Sort of like a flannel board) Ill be able to have my projects in progress clinging to that wall and there will be enough open space there so I can lay there with my feet in the air staring at it, and just enough space more so that when Luke walks in to ask me when dinner is and wonders what the heck I'm doing he can join me and lay there looking too! (And then get bored out of his mind and leave to watch ESPN.) 10 minutes later I might start dinner.

Wow...look what that tape started...


Neola said...

Dreams are fun!! You made me smile with the picture you paint of you and Luke gazing at the crafts!

Anonymous said...

you are crazy! i like you but you are crazy!
oh, and 10 min may be a bit long.... like 1? much better, btw i am taking the fact that the amount of time i looked at the projects is only making the amount of time before we eat longer.