Monday, May 31, 2010

Jazzing Up the Breakfast Sandwich-For Dinner

We had our first dinner in our apartment yesterday. Spaghetti. Real original eh? Today's was a little more creative:
Garlic onion roll (left over from dinner at Aunt Polly's the day we got here) halved and grilled with a bit of bacon juice as we're both lactose intolerant (sometimes we cheat.) Scrabled/fried ish egg (first attempt was to be microwaved in silicone muffin sleeves but I over-did the time. Oven is a better bet but after the first one exploded I went the traditional pan route. Round two we'll go for perfect round egg McDonalds style, but baked in the oven.) Topped with some bacon and dabs of salsa juice. I prefer some ketchsup, but Luke doesnt like it so we didn't get any on our first trip to the store. Dont worry its on the list now. I made do with some dabs of the run off from the salsa. My brain thinks it's less spicy. Anyway. It was stinkin good. Stinkin because there was quite a bit of garlic in the roll.

And Just to Clear Things Up:
I wasn't blogging on my honeymoon...I had written a few posts back when I was packing my room based off of some ideas I had written on post-its and then let scatter around...I found them and figured blog now or forget forever. So I wrote the blogs and then scheduled one (maybe two) for while I'd be MIA so you (my bleaders) wouldnt forget I was on your blog roll.

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Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

I'm so glad you weren't blogging on your honeymoon! But you are so considerate of your dedicated followers. Janice