Friday, August 6, 2010

Resigned to Cooking

I have been quite the slacker in my posting lately. Either because I was holding off for Valerie and Matt's guest post or because I've been somewhat busy.
Here is my last week and a half in pictures:
Top row: Some long overdue slippers. Finally finished. A birthday plate for my friend Sara, painted at her Color Me Mine birthday party/girls night. Middle Row: Field trip to the Olympic Training center. Way cool. Field trip to the Denver Children's Museum, even cooler! The building knows whats up, every part is painted a different color! They did a whole group lesson on making "Bomb bubbles" (Hint: corn syrup) and had a totally awesome magnetic wall, giant magnetic poetry included. I want one of those. Bottom Row: A trip to Boise/Payette/Ontario for our Idaho Reception. Way Fun. A completed cabled head band to accompany the slippers as a way of apologizing for the tardiness.

I have also resigned from my position at the childcare facility/school that I was working at. There were many reasons I was there, and I truly learned a lot while working there. The business practices and some of the child care methods were not the kind I could fully stand behind. We were in the position to still be comfortable while I'm exploring some other options, and I am very grateful to Luke for his full support. In the mean time he is enjoying my more frequent cooking and even increased cleaning!
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Grandma G said...

I hope people click on your pics to see them bigger... they're great!

Did you get the recipe for the bubbles? I've seen recipes with corn syrup, and I tried one, but I wasn't that impressed. Did they say whether the brand of soap made a difference?

I, for one, am glad you resigned, for whatever reason. ;) It's nice to get comments on my blog again. I was thinking of "resigning" (retiring?) from that, 'cause I didn't know if anybody was interested anymore (and 'cause I'm getting kinda tired of it myself). :( But I'm happy to have you back, for however long you can stay. :)

I'll pray that you find the right job. No doubt this past one was a good experience for you in many ways. But on to the next thing. Life's like that!

laura said...

ohhh like like the headband, you are the best crafter i know!!