Saturday, April 16, 2011

One in Every Color- M&M's and Mustangs

Val and I had a snack while Jay was at the Pre BBQ mixer.

And Cal Poly has sheep! And the sheep had babies! But sheep are still dumb and scardie pants so I still want alpaca.

Now I have boots so the transition to alpaca farming should be as smooth as a lake in a calm day. Ha.

Val says I'm a poser.
Major disappointment of the day: finding out the "Farm Shop" isn't a store shop with products from the farm it's a farm shop for tractors as in like an Auto Shop. Sigh no cheese, ice-cream and veggies for me.
Here's Val outside the farm shop.

Ok maybe we are posers.
Jay with his other Wine and Viticulture majors:

We got an awesome personal tour from Will! We were stragglers to the housing display on campus and sort missed the boat, but Will answered all our questions AND took us to various buildings AND accompanied us through on our tours and explained some things we didn't all hear from the back!

Shout out to Will! Now you're famous! Thanks for an awesome tour!
At one point in the day John got a megaphone. Several times he contemplated throwing it away but then he'd think, nah I got this far.... The megaphone (and John) survived the day, we'll need a follow up blog to see what happens to it.

The dilemma, which one of us was going to be the "token student" when Jay was off with his new friends!

They had a flower display/ competition in the library, here are some of my favorites:

We started Beth's Bachelorette Beach Weekend in Cayucos, but the dancing opportunity was primarily reggae and we weren't so much feelin' it. So we went back to San Luis Obispo. While we were there we soooo accidentally walked by the bubblegum wall. We had all wondered where it was and when we realized we were standing right next to it, the exclamations were probably hears for a block. I had pink bubblegum so we left a tribute to Beth and Alex. We all chewed a piece.

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it was a beautiful day and a spicy night.
you need a blog editor app.