Sunday, July 22, 2012

Egg Me On

So, a friend in my knitting group calls herself an Urban Farmer. She has chickens. She called them darling little chickens but let me tell you folks. They're not really little. 
 They DO however, lay blue and peach colored eggs. Way cool eh? Anyway at knitting they always talked about how super farm fresh eggs are soooooo much better. I'm intrigued. My friend gave me two eggs to try and when my brother in law was visiting we egg-sperimented.
 Urban farm fresh eggs on the left. Costco eggs on the right
.Luke and Mark both voted for the urban farm fresh eggs. When I told them which were which they said it was a poor test because the farm fresh eggs were cooked second and had more salt. Ill agree they were probably right, but the farm fresh eggs did have a much better texture.

While the jury is still out on the eggs, I'll admit, chickens just might be in our future. I wonder how they'll get along with the alpaca?

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