Sunday, July 22, 2012

Unfriendly Germs

Unless they're my own. Then they're friendly.
So I've got this thing about germs. Not all of them. Just the unfriendly ones. Unfriendly germs live places bleach and antibacterial chemicals cant go. Some hotels, furnished rentals, college boy apartments. Shady couches, the Starbucks plushy chairs. Any plushy chair says Luke. The one in our apartment laundry room gives me the heeby jeebies. Our plushy chairs are okay. I know where they came from. I saw them arrive in the plastic from the store before coming to live with us. Interestingly, the mountains...all friendly germs. Sitting on the floor, doesn't bother me, I know what kind of germs are there. Swimming in a lake doesn't even bother me. Those germs are friendly. They make themselves known.
So anyway, there's this episode of Big Bang Theory. Penny gets a chair. Sheldon thinks he likes it.
 Then penny tells him someone threw it out and she got it from the trash.
Sheldon display's my sentiments exactly. And later in the full episode you find out that there truly is, something in the chair. (Though we never found out what.)
You can watch it here.
Hard cleanable paintable furniture can be revived and restored. Plushie furniture can NOT. Just sayin'.

So remember my NerdWars knitting competition? We had a team challenge to make what was in the chair. Meet my Unfriendly Germs.
Friendly only if you know them!

The other part of the challenge was for the Giving Geeks category. That part of the challenge was to give them to someone you see who needs a pick me up. I gave them to a friend who works with kiddos who have had a rough lot in life. They can now be used to get conversation flowing, play therapy, counting, colors and stress release as they are squishy! These guys were super fun to make and I have them all linked on Ravelry.
I did do the bottom a bit differently. I crocheted the bottom on instead of sewing it so that the bottom cupped in. This helped them sit a bit more solidly.
Anyway, these guys make me laugh. I hope you enjoy them too!

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Grandma G said...

Aww, those little germies are so CUTE! And what a great place to donate them to!