Wednesday, September 19, 2012

198 Yards of Heaven

I got this scrumptious grey yarn on Yarn Along the Rockies. Its the kind of yarn the wallet doesn't like to acquire a lot of so I used a pattern for just this kind of yarn. It's called 198 Yards of Heaven. The designer created the pattern to be a shawlette made with luxury yarn so that you can wear it, enjoy it, and not go broke over having anything made with it.

It was the kind of knitting that did not allow for any kind of multi tasking so when I was working on it, the scene usually looked like this. 

 It was originally intended to be a project for my sister but it turned out more shawl like than I had anticipated. 

 Since it wasn't Val's thing, I just couldn't let that 198 Yards of Heaven go to waste! So I kept it. And wear it. All the time. I was shocked because it actually kept me a lot warmer than I expected. Shawls (even shawlettes) are cozier than I thought!

* Snow pictures taken by Luke in January at The Golf Club at Southwind

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