Monday, September 24, 2012

Quilt Camp 2012

On the 20th of September I flew from Colorado Springs to Fresno, California and got to attend a four day Quilt Camp at one of my favorite places, Camp Keola at Huntington Lake!
Here is just about the whole group in attendance! It's great because we're composed of two core groups but now that this is becoming an annual event we get so excited to see each other every year!
Here is our core group that started as the North Fresno Church Quilters, but we're bringing people from all over now!

Our main project for this quilt camp was a wedding quilt for my sister Valerie and her new husband Matt! My mom had started a Mariner's Compass quilt, and completed 6 blocks before she passed away  from Multiple Myeloma. When we were going through her projects Val mentioned that she thought that would be a fantastic wedding quilt for her and Matt. Since they weren't engaged I wasn't in any hurry. Then they got married in Las Vegas and we were too late. SO this quilt is kind of an after the fact wedding quilt.
At quilt camp there were a number of people working on this beast: Aunt Maggie, Tanya (Cousin), Kim (Cousin), Cindy (Matt's Mom), Me (sister), Jennifer (Friend) and even Valerie and Matt!
It is seriously quite the group effort!

The food NEVER fails to impress and this year one of my friends Keila was the cook! She saved me some of my favorite (French Toast) and made some of the most delicious cinnamon rolls ever!
Both Keila's and my parents worked at Camp Keola as young adults and then we both worked as head cooks at the camp as well! Our recipes and cooking styles are very similar so her cooking tasted just like a home cooked meal!
There were many fantastic completed quilt tops!

And even some purses and aprons!
Though they're not pictured, we had some knitting and weaving too!
It was a great time. I cant wait to reserve my spot for next year! 

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