Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Big News!

I've got a job lined up for next year and I'll be teaching middle school science! I'm really excited and am very lucky to be working at a long term sub job in the same school/subject area!
The posts have been few and far between as I've been working, going to interviews and took some tests last weekend. Yep more tests. Good thing I know "the system" SO well that I've even figured that I can take small knitting that doesn't require a pattern to keep me busy as the Praxis testing (Colorado and Kansas) requires that you stay the whole allotted time.

I have reclaimed the sewing room (not that I have time to sew in it) and the children (as we now refer to the seedlings) are now being  put outside for natural sunlight and cooler temperatures. (The gentleman at the plant store said they were too warm, and that I needed to baby them less so they would stop being so gangly.)
 In the evenings they have their own big seedling space in the garage under their new big seedling plant light that has more colors in it or something gimmicky.
 Additionally, their older cousins the herbs seem to be doing well in their pinterest inspired teared herb garden. They have some foreign exchange students living with them, the green onions. I started them with root stubs after making dinner one night and they're doing amazingly well!
 In the yellow pot I just planted a section of oregano my friend Pat divided from her thriving oregano at home!
These tractors just showed up in our yard today. I think it means we're getting closer to a YARD!
There's lots going on out here and we thank all of you who have been keeping us in your prayers as we enjoy this adventure!


Mindful quilter said...

That's fantastic news

Jessica said...

Woohoo, congrats!! Send some of that teacher job getting love over here to me ;) That's seriously awesome, though!

Karen said...

I am envious of your seedlings...so wonderful. I am sure they will be amazing in your yard!

Becky said...

Congrats! Lovely seedlings too, and after redoing 2 yards, and putting one in from scratch, I don't' envy you a single bit! Lots of hard work!