Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little of Everything-golf, crochet, knit, french toast, dust and maybe SNOW

Finish it up Fridays are no longer in my life, as work has taken their place. On the bright side, now I get excited about wearing jeans on Fridays again!
Also on the bright side, I finished crocheting this girly blanket on Saturday!
I also went to Crafting at the Coffeehouse. In my very well coordinated outfit. Right down to my fingernails which are OPI's "Green-wich Village."
I'm working on a Lintilla scarf which is in the Hitchhiker Scarf Series on Ravelry. It's my goal to do all four scarves in the series of patterns written by Martina Behm.

Saturday and Sunday Luke and I hit some balls at the driving range.
 When he takes a shot at it, he looks all cool and professional. Like a golf pro or something. When I'm at the driving range, it's quite the scene.
 I put the ball on the tee all clumsy like. After 5 minutes, when I still cant get it to stay on the tee,
 I give in and really give it my full attention!
 7 minutes later I take a swing at the ball. 

 and miss it completely. 
 Well... only by a leeeeetle bit. 
 We've been lucky as our freak weather has only come during the week. Our weekends have been rather enjoyable. True to form the wind came in and picked up the dust turning our sky a nice grey brown.
Luke made me french toast in celebration of him taking his first day off in a couple weeks!

 Soooo good with butter and REAL maple syrup from Costco!
Lastly "they" have predicted snow for tomorrow. I'm wishing, and hoping, and praying get the drift. I'd love some moisture to keep the dust down. A snow day would be okay in my book too.

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Anna said...

Lovely blanket! That scarf looks like it will be really cool when it's done, too. I have 3 crochet blankets going right now... I love them all but am giving myself plenty of time to finish them- it won't be coldhere again for another 6 months. Should be enough time!

Looks like fun times were had! Hope your weather doesn't get too crazy!

Grandma G said...

I hope YOU get the 'drift', and that we don't get any more for a long, loooong time!

girlyhurley said...

I think you and I need to golf together sometime. . I think we have the same lack of ability, but we would have lots of laughter!

Can Luke come make me French toast?? He is a keeper!