Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cut the Card

I consider myself a California girl. Everywhere I've lived, I've kept my CA drivers license as I always had ties that let me still call CA my place of residence. Well we live in Kansas now, no question where we reside. So when I went to get my new drivers license they cut the card. (You know like cut the cord? Haha I'm funny I promise.)

I kid you not she just pulled out the scissors and cut the corner off and I yelped. Loudly.
Then I left with my paper temporary license.

Now say a little prayer I don't cry when I have to change my plates. Luke was going to pick them up this morning. He might have to change them when I'm not looking. Like a shot.
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Maria Tipton said...

Awe, I would be the same with Oklahoma - I still get to keep mine though but we have CO tags due to it being easier to renew