Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to School and Other Rambligs

My first week "back to school" (no students, just first year training) has begun.
We've had some extensive training sessions and as many of you know, accessing my creative side while listening helps me take in information.

Ex. Audio books while doing almost anything else.
I have seen my room, and folks, I'm so relieved! Not only do I have a window, I have TWO!

Once I'd seen my room I felt much more able to start planning.
I'm going with a Lego inspired room theme.

Thanks goodness for Pinterest! It was there that I saw this idea for making a printer template and taping the pieces you wanted printing on to the template.

I was surprised out of my socks when I got called to the office to pick up something. (To be honest I thought I'd lost something important, didn't know it, and someone had found it.) Such was not the case. Rather I found these beautiful flowers from M&R!

They're so pleasant to walk in and see after a long day of training!
On the garden front, it's been raining pretty consistently and heavily for the last two weeks or so. I haven't had to water it let alone visit it. Everything is growing growing growing. Here are some of my peppers:

One of the negative effects of te rain is that the soil got soft and so the stakes supporting my tomatoes fell over. Consequently, so did the plants. I see a tomato hunt in my future.

This was the bountiful harvest on Wednesday!

Lets just say I took a grocery bag full of cucumbers to training to give out to my fellow new teachers.

In the midst of all my adventures, Luke is in the middle of one of his biggest weeks at work. He had done quite a bit of laundry last week, but saved the dress shirts for me. Because I know how to do them. As many of you know from previous griping I am not find of laundering and ironing button up shirts, or any clothing for that matter. After much foot dragging I started to gather the shirts. Then I looked at the big stack for a loooooong time. Finally I thought "Why am I doing this if I dislike it THAT much?" So I gathered up all his shirts and took them to a recommended cleaner.

Look how beautiful and pressed they are. I think the ladies in the shop thought I was nuts for exclaiming how beautiful they looked! I'm never doing shirts again.
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Janice Porter said...

Just got caught up reading a bunch of your posts! Baby sweater awesome, knit heart and frogs weirdly wonderful, and quilt FANTASTIC! Blessings to your new teaching year! Janice

The Luedtke Family said...

Love the Lego theme!

What a harvest. I was gone for a long week, asked the hubby to do the picking, but instead came home to monstrous sized yellow squash.

Have fun back to school!