Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Emotion Ninjas

I've recently had several friends lose parents this year. I find myself thinking that I should have some wisdom or advice or wise words to share, and I am at a loss. 
It does get better. You think about them every day. But it doesn't hurt as much. The urge to call them starts to fade and turns to "Mom would have loved this."
But then...on a winter day when I'm suffering from hat hair, I decide to French braid my hair after my shower, the way my mom did....then before bed I start thinking I wish I had a bandanna to tie on my head to save the braids. Luke doesn't have one and then I remember the box of scarves that were my moms. I take the box out and it smells like her still.
And wham it hits me like an emotion ninja. It was happy and familiar and sad all at once. It all started with a winters day hat hair. Sigh. They're fewer and farther between but they still happen. And sometimes it still hurts. 

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Janice Porter said...

Catching up on your blog tonight! I love how you said this! Blessings to you!