Saturday, November 15, 2014

We Graduated!

It would seem that my most recent photo post caused quite a few questions to be brought up among you. I realized after it should have come with an explanation, I was just so excite at the time I couldn't resist the post! 
Luke and I have just finished the Pride class for foster and adoption in the state of Idaho. This means we only have our home study left in the process to foster and or adopt in the state of Idaho. 
We don't quite know what this will mean for us and our current family of two. Being in education I have worked with many students in the foster system and even seen some who have had to change schools as a result of being placed in the foster system. 
Ideally, by being licensed we may find ourselves with the opportunity to provide some stability for for a student who might otherwise have to relocate. We are open to the idea of adoption should the opportunity present itself. We would appreciate your prayers through this journey that we be open to Gods plans for us, and for the children who join our family in varying capacities. We started the licensing process quickly after moving to Moscow because we know from experience that right after moving we find ourselves with a bit more free time than usual (especially because I don't have my own classroom yet) and knew the classes could take some time! We look forward to completing our home study and to what the future holds. 

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Jamie said...

What a wonderful way to follow God, to see the need and the chance for God to use you in the life of a kid/student! We will be praying you and Luke as you continue to prepare, pray, and discern God's will for your family!!