Friday, May 16, 2008

Change in Plans

Some of you may have heard that it looks like I might be staying it Idaho for the summer! On a whim I applied to a resort I had found through a search for “summer jobs Idaho.” It turns out it was the same place Luke is working. So the two of us will be spending the summer in McCall, Idaho and working at Whitetail Club and Resort. It’s a nice set-up and the resort owns condos/apartments that they use sort of like dorms for the college students working here for the summer. Luke lives in an apartment with his school roommate Cody and another golf guy from Michigan whose name is James. I live with a girl from University of Idaho named Shannon and another girl is coming in the beginning of June. I’ve been told that McCall is around 6,500 ft elevation which explains why it’s a little chilly and there’s still snow on the ground. I thought this was a summer job!

1 comment:

Aaron said...

You're both working at the resort over the summer? I predict some crazy hijinx just like in High School Musical 2.