Thursday, May 1, 2008

It might be Spring...

The weather is finally getting nice (low 60's) and we haven't seen any snow for maybe a week now! This is exciting news!

The Trees are getting little leave buds and you can see the pink blossoms

on trees in the background.

The bulb flowers(Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths etc.) are also starting to bloom everywhere! The random snow confused them for a while but now they look very pretty.

Last weekend we (Jessica and Jenny) went to Coeur d'Alene to see family before finals and taking off. I got schooled in Wii and Spanish(or at least the accent part). Katie, my youngest cousin read me a story about Skippyjon Jones complete with the accident and hand clapping. I even got to sit in her lap!

Emma and Aunt Grace duked it out cow racing, Clark braved the house of the snack King and Queen(Aunt Grace and Uncle Doug) while participating in 30 Hour Famine, and Jenny got her hair colored and styled by Katie. What a busy weekend. We were sad that we didn't get to see everyone but recognize that life is busy in a big family!

Two weekends ago the Residence Hall Association (RHA) University of Idaho chapter held their Golden Joe Award Ceremony. (Golden Joe because our mascot is Joe Vandal cute huh?) So Jenny and our friend Chris were the Golden Joe's hosts, and my friend Kelsi was in charge of the whole shebang. Me? I was just there for moral support.

Mom & Dad- I finally found out where that pretty auditorium is that we were wondering about!

Our fabulous hosts! Arent Jenny's shoes hot!

How they really felt about hosting.

Jenny, Kelsi, Me

After Luke was done with work, and we were all done at the ceremony, we decided we couldn't just go back and change, we were all dolled up! So Luke took us to Applebee's where we got half off appetizers and Jen and I got Ice Cream Sunday Shooters as you can see...we were excited!

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Jamie said...

Sounds super fun! And those flower/spring pictures were gorgeous! Can't wait to see you!