Friday, May 16, 2008

A Productive Day

Today the temperature got up to 78 degrees! Thats exciting since the first time I came here there was snow everywhere! The snow is melting fast! I did some exploring and on my moms recomendation I sought out the quilt shop. There are three! The first one, Huckleberry Patches, hosts an evening called Sew and Sew's every other Thursday and I will have to check that out! The woman at the yarn shop, Keep Me In Stitches said that she would work with me one on one to teach me whatever I want to learn, knitting or crochet. I found a health food store that has more glutten free goods than I think Ive seen in one place (shout out to Aunt Maggie) and I stopped in at the library to see if they had any fun reading programs going on this summer. My roomate Shannon and I also scouted out the coffe shop with free wi-fi which is how you are viewing all of my updates. I've been typing them in my laptop but since we dont have wireless in the apartments I had to wait until now to post them all! Ill try and keep you all updated as often as possible!

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