Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Idaho- again

The last weekend in September I got a chance to go back up to Moscow, to see Luke and some friends! I had a really good time!

Jenny very kindly took me to the Sacramento Airport. On the way we stopped and got fried pickles! Yumm!

We went to the driving range on Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday! I'm pretty proud to say that I'm now actually hitting the ball (more at least) and its going farther and straighter. On Saturday and Sunday we even golfed golfed on three holes. Granted the first time I had 14 strokes on a par 4, but the next day I got it down to 9. Yay! haha.

Me, with my new club! Customized for me by Luke!

The weather was beautifull all weekend! We spent some time at the U of I Arboretum.

Some of the leaves were just starting to change color. The colors of the leaves in the tree below reminded me of my currently favorite hand dyed yarn by Lynda.

We finnished up the trip stopping to get a Plain bagel with scrambled egg, smoked gouda cheese and bacon! My favorite Moscow meal from Moscow Bagel!

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