Monday, November 17, 2008


On Friday night the NFC college group and friends (we had a lot of other groups join us as well and we were glad for the company!) went to one of the skating rinks in Fresno for a night of Broomball!

We all rode with Val to the ice rink.(After stopping at Starbucks of course!) L-R Katie, Matt, Valerie, Luke, and Me.

We were on the blue team! Yay, go blue team! Don't we look vicious?

Here we have green team!

The teams are good sized but were much bigger by the end of the night! It was a well attended event and fun was had by all, even if we will all have bruises on our knees, butts and wrists for the next week! (Yep, I fell a lot.)

I finally got to wear my funny hat with earflaps and braid ties. One of the girls there had a cool one with a yarn Mohawk. Of course we had to take a picture. (I'm on a roll taking pictures of/with stranger or new people. We saw my Dad's stranger twin at Starbucks today and said "hi" for the record! Making friends!) There's a knit version of her hat that I would like to try to make! You can see it here.

Harper sisters take on the green team! (Our eyes turn red when we get really competitive. Oh wait maybe it was because we were up WAY past our bedtime!)

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