Sunday, November 2, 2008

Whee Halloween!

Halloween weekend was fun! Here I am with some of my girlfriends at a party some of our friends were hosting! L-R is Amanda, Me, Destinie, Beth, Katie, and Kassy! Yay!
I was a more contemporary Marian the Librarian.

So I called it a night relatively early, and went home to sleep before my CSET test the next morning at 7:30. I set my alarm, got my stuff all ready, and then woke up the next morning at 7:32! Two minutes after the test started! Augh... I missed it. When I woke up in shock my mom told me she heard me talking in the next room and heard stuff going on. I didnt talk to anyone, so it all must have been sleep talking/incorporated into my dream. The worst part is something similar happened two years ago when I was supposed to take the CBEST test. I'm scheduled to take the CBEST in December. You'll all have to call and make sure I'm actually awake! Ugh. I can't believe it.

On Sunday when the college group was meeting at Starbucks for Sunday School a man walked in. I wasn't the only one to do a double take thinking that he was my dad!

Here is my dad maybe 5 years ago with slightly darker hair.(He often wears his boots, and also has a hat, I couldn't find the picture with the boots.)

And here is the man we saw at Starbucks!

Worthy of a double take?


Christa said...

The profile was even more similar!

Susan said...

I'm impressed that he let you take his photo!

Jamie said...

Oh my word...I am laughing so hard! I can just see you sauntering up to this man to ask him for his picture on a lazy, Sunday morning! Too funny!

TestPrep said...
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