Monday, November 3, 2008

In the Bag

Many of you may remember this bag from previous posting.

Its made out of bags I recieved while shopping in Idaho!

Well, I've been back at it.

This is a bag made out of SaveMart bags. I tied a fold at each end of the mouth of the bag to help the bag keep it's shape and better hold whats in it!

The bags are pretty thick and squishy acting as a good protector for the things in it. I thought I'd try this out by making a sleeve bag for my laptop. This one may be a little tight but it works well and this would be good for quick and simple transport of my laptop! I used blue and white bags from Paul's (the grocery store we went to in McCall, Idaho and for the stripe I used a few, okay more like five, of the Target bags I'm saving for Christa. Sorry! It needed a stripe!

Thanks to Cindy and my mom for saving bags for me! If you have an inclination to save bags feel free to donate to the cause! If you live in an area that has interesting, or pleasantly colored grocery store bags I'd love it if you save them for me! I've been missing the green bags(included in my first attempt) from Moscow, Idaho!

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Christa said...

I'll forgive you. Let's be honest, I've been SUPER slow at starting!