Sunday, July 5, 2009

One In Every Color- Sharpies

So now that I'm reflecting, I am starting to wonder if I gather items because I like the item, or because I like that I can potentially get "one in every color." Ever since Sharpie started producing colors, I have been captivated by them. I always asked if we could just "throw em in the cart." Finally when I was cooking at camp, we got colored Sharpies for the kitchen. I was thrilled. And definitely spent more time making food labels then was really necessary. But it was art. Art takes time. So over time I've collected quite the set of sharpies, but they've always been more of a hodge podge. Never new at once. Some go bad when others are new. I cart them around in one of those free make-up bags you get from Clinique when you spend more money on make-up. (I guess not really free then?) Its always exciting to see all the colors ready to be used when they're opened.
HOWEVER I got a surprise a couple days ago in the mail! It was a graduation/birthday present from Luke's family. For graduation they sent me something that could be used in my future classroom. I was intrigued, when I opened up the beautifully wrapped present, inside I found: SHARPIES!!! A beautiful, brand new, full set of Sharpies! Exciting. Just wait. It gets better. When you open the package, you don't have to mangle the package just to get to the markers, they open up so you can pick the marker you want, and then they each have a slot they snap back into.

So cool! Eeeeeh! Then I couldn't resist taking them out and arranging them in my favorite circular pattern that shows off the colors! Not quite a color wheel, but oh so pretty!

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live a colorful life said...

Love it, Jessica. Oh, and the title "one in every color." Love it also. Thanks for letting me borrow it!