Monday, July 20, 2009

Life...the nitty gritty.

You've been getting lots of "One in Every Color" blogs, but not so much on the details. Life has been busy. Though today I realised the thing that makes me the busiest is procrastinating my studies. Something about the credential program is rubbing me the wrong way. Big time. I've been blessed enough to have a lot of job experience opportunities and practice working with kids, their parents, and coming up with curriculum etc. Unfortunately this makes me feel...well...not very challenged while taking my classes, and I become very unproductive. To me it seems lame, so I put it off. Then its not nearly as great as it would have been if I had just done it. Agh. I guess this is a reminder that I need to be keeping my students challenged with interesting projects.

We had a nice little jaunt down to the LA area to visit my Grandpa who is in the hospital to treat back pain and weight loss. While we were there we stayed with Aunt Audrie, and Mom, Aunt Audrie and I met up with Shan (my grandmommy) for lunch. While down south we made a fun little discovery at See's candies. They have the most delectable Root Beer Lolly pops in stores for a limited time only.

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Jamie said...

No joke (about the wonderful rootbeer lollipops). We went by See's before coming out to Kansas to buy some for my dad and they were closed for a lunch break. Aargh! I piled all the kids in the car to go there for naught. Oh well, next time. P.S. I was bored w/ the credential program too...just wanted to get in the classroom and teaching. You're just too close! Keep up the good work!