Friday, July 31, 2009

In The Bag Part II

Leslie, my co-worker is getting married in September. I had gotten some towels (I couldn't resist towels, the way they're on the shelves...they're just asking to be a "One in Every Color" post.) but I wanted to jazz up the present a bit. Make it a little more fun! I thought about getting her some magnets...she HAD been quite entertained by my infatuation with my dot magnets. Then I thought I have to do something crafty, because she thinks I can do anything crafty and I gotta keep my fans happy. I thought I could do my own wrapping! Just as I was heading toward the customizable wrapping aisle in Michael's a packaging inspiration came to me. Wrap the towels in a bag she can use over and over!

My embroidery has improved vastly since the beginning of the felt flowers so I felt confident abandoning my old puff paint ways and going for some "big girl" crafting. I took inspiration from Leslie and Daniel's invitations and incorporated a peacock feather.

Filled with towels and accented with bow!

Laura volunteered to model for me! For the record, she isn't the soon to be Mrs Lee who will be receiving the bag.

I'm pretty excited about this little project. I hope she likes it!


The Luedtke Family said...

Now you just have to keep Mrs. Lee-to-be away from your blog!

Lovely little project.

Susan said...

I think the peacock feather looks especially cool. Good job on the embroidery.