Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Fun-Fresno

The weekend before Halloween I was really craving some fall fun! Soooo we headed for the pumpkin patch. I read other peoples blogs and their pumpkin patch and apple farm pictures show them all bundled up with coats and hats. Well not in Fres-yes. Here it was in the 80's. Whew!

This pumkin patch had fun play areas where I could hang out with Bethany and Rachel on the swings, and tires! Well the swings were made out of tires too...maybe I should just say tires?They had tricycle races...And a tractor pulling these super fun cars/trailers/buggies.It looked ike a caterpilllar!They also had farm animals that you could feed and pet. I met this cool guy JJ. He's an alpaca and I just know the two of us could make a great knitting team. He grows fur. I spin and make sweaters! When we asked him if he wanted to come home with me he snorted and shook his head. Alas, I am still alpaca-less.I picked out the perfect pumpkin too! Bethany and Rachel came around and helped me too. We seriously contemplated the pros and cons of each pumpkin. Then we calculated the cover just to get in AND the cost of one pumpkin?!?! I decided to buy THREE for the price of one at a local grocery store. Here are the grocery store pumpkins. After a dangerous session of cutting out the top hole we (mom and I ) decided that utilizing power tools would be a much better alternative. Sooo I busted out the dremmel and the drill. Success. We were even able to use the dremmel to create shading for when the light shines through!On Wednesday before I left for Idaho, my school had their play....Peter Pan! I helped one of our girls come up with her costume. She was a lost boy. For under $20 this is what we came up with!One of the birds lost its head during rehearsal but I was pretty proud of how we turned her hair into a birds nest!


The Isaacs said...

Which pumpkin patch did you guys go to? That looks like a fun place... Okay, so all the pictures are cute and all, but guess what caught my eye?! You have a FARKLE t-shirt?!?! LOL!!!!

The Luedtke Family said...

So jealous of just walking outside with a shirt and NO JACKET plus HAT! We were ecstatic that we saw the sun and enjoyed around 50 degrees this Halloween weekend!

We had a firepit with chili, hotdogs, hot chocolate, cider, coffee after trick-or-treating. I wore a turtle neck, wool sweater, coat, and gloves!

But fall would not be fall in the midwest without the chilly air!

Love the pics and all the fall fun!

Now, onto turkey time!

Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

Boy, you have been busy "Falling"! Don't you love dremmel tools! Janice