Saturday, November 12, 2011

Packaged All Up

Apparently I am a lover of quick and easy food.

These are the greatest for on the way to work breakfast. Yay for crumbies on fresh clothes. Lucky for me, bagel crumbs are dry and brush right off. My favorite cream cheese flavor as of this morning? Chive and onion.
Also fabulous as of late is the Keurig coffee maker one of my peers has. I have envy, and have enjoyed the delicious

as well as

The later takes the cake.
They make tough competition for the once again seasonal white peppermint mocha by Starbucks I had at a coffee rendezvous with my dad.

This computer warning is making me curse under my breath.

As is this stupid scarf that is not relaxing to knit and does not help me relax before bed. It's been in the works since 2008 and I'd like it done so I can move on.

Aside from all the US-ual reasons I miss Luke, here are some that are in the forefront this week:
1. Cold sheets. The temp has dropped and things are a wee bit chilly. This is when having a Jacob Black, werewolf, always warm husband comes in handy.
2. The latest book in the Eragon series just came out. While I love that he reads, and reads stuff I'm into, it'd be nice to hear from him every once in a while. If I was there in person I could just invade his space.
3. I totally miss invading his space. Like taking whatever I'm working on, sitting as close to him as possible and then continuing whatever I was working on. (he looooooves this one.)
Counter argument:
It's crunch time at school. I'm a wee bit snappy. It's nice that when we DO see each other were 100% focused on each other and we have good chunks of quality time carved out.

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Dani said...

You should get a Mac and you wouldn't have that problem! Also, I'm glad to hear the book is good. I'm looking forward to reading it over break.

The Luedtke Family said...

We have the keurig, but it is sits unused in the garage. We found the "coffee" too expensive. We now use and love the french press pot. It tastes like latte coffee, more rich than just the drip coffee pot.

I hear ya on the mental block on complicated and too old projects.

Onion in the morning, you are brave.

McDonald's has a peppermint moch drink. Haven't tried it yet. Can't compare.

Candace said...

Hee hee, i LOVE food in small containers! My choice of fast food is dependent on what it comes in :)

Freshers Live said...

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