Thursday, April 26, 2012

One In Every Color- Hexy Trekkies

Hexies (hexagonal knit pieces knit in the round stuffed with fiberfill) have taken over.

At first I wasn't sold but now that I have knit socks and am not as afraid of tiny yarn AND now that I have tiny yarn scraps AND now that Tanya has let me arrange her one in every color hexies for fun, I am HOOKED! (or needled since this is knitting and not crochet! Bad joke...I know.)

The Beekeepers Quilt designed by Tiny Owl Knits (pictured below) seemed to set off the trend.

at first I resisted. But similarly to the situation with Pinterest. I appear to be giving in.

These Trekish hexies may have been what did me in. I've recently become veeeery interested in the show and have started "The Next Generation" series to begin my journey into the Treky world.

Data is my favorite. I'm starting to notice a pattern in my favorite characters. Data, Sheldon, Bones, Luna Lovegood...all are characters who have trouble comprehending social norms. And I love them.


The Luedtke Family said...

I have been sooooo tempted to also make those lovely hexies. But, knitting in the round with tiny yarn has kept me from jumping on board.

Little Spouse in the Old House said...

My brain asks why someone would want to knit tiny hexies but we are old trekkies and those are pretty cute! Great to see you at the sale! Janice

Deborah said...

These are so dang cute!! One more thing I need to learn! Deborah