Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Cupcakes. Twice. The cupcake truck now has a shop down town. It's fabulous because the comfy seating makes it a nice place to enjoy the cupcake as well!


French toast (blue) maple bacon (purple) zippy lemon (red). French Toast was my personal favorite for the day.

The Saturday before Easter was earl grey and banana.
The Easter bunny stopped by.

...and even his eggs.

Until she broke something and spent 3 hours cleaning up the mess. Wooops.
The masters was on. I had favorites. None of them were Tiger.

Also I worked on homework. A lot. I had a major project due right after spring break and it consumed more time than I would have liked.
The greatest thing about this trip was that it was the last one. I'll be done with school in May and headed back to live with my Luke again! What a relief that will be!

I miss that guy.
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