Sunday, April 8, 2012


Thanks to the lovely Pinterest I got lots of ideas for dying Easter eggs! Here's the thing I've learned in education. Never plan to do anything with others, especially young others, that you haven't tried and had success with at least once.
And so began my eggsperimentation.
Kool-Aid, is vinegar really not necessary? It was a bonafide science experiment. 2 colors, 4 containers. One of each color with vinegar.

The eggs on the right had vinegar, left none. Vinegar deemed not necessary. This adventure was totally worth taking to an egg party with kids. Especially since I discovered this fun rubber-band relief dying method. The results are super dramatic. I love it.

I found that the flat broccoli asparagus style rubberbands work best for wrapping more than once. For skinny stripes use rubber-bands the size of the length of egg you want to put it around. Too small will roll off and two big will not make a tight enough seal.
For the main event we used lots of colors:

Green Koolaid was nowhere to be found in CO Springs. For the record strawberry and cherry both come out red. Grape is a bit brown and orange is easily "contaminated." I rather like the look!

My second cousin once removed (the one who made jello bunnies!

Easter is a time for jello folks!) also got an egg marbling technique kit. I confess it baffled me. I took it as a challenge to attempt the technique at home with some Wilton's dye. I dyed my eggs first.

Then I put a bit of oil in shallow dye just like Martha S. said.
These were the results that were closest:

I found out after the fact it was because there were little pieces of condensed pink dye in the bottom of the bowl. Sigh. My other gripe with this method is that oil gets everywhere! Not so much a fan. I'm firing this technique. So I washed all my eggs off and went a different route.

Or at least a preferred route with dramatic effects! Luke even said I achieved the golf shirt effect I'd been after. Next year I'm getting one of those wax stylus things and going all Reshenka on those eggs.
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Becca said...

of course you don’t just dye eggs, you get all fancy shmancy and make amazing eggs!! love it.

Kimberlee said...

Next year I'm using Kool-aide. Brillant.