Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ballpark Magic

Wow oh wow what a night! I was at our apartment laundry room when Luke calls and tells me that he's been given GREAT tickets to a Rockies game and can I be ready ASAP? Uh, ok. So I get our freshly laundered and folded laundry back to our apartment,?and we head up to Denver. Those great tickets were TOTALLY AWESOME!
Second row back from the away teams dugout. We had two people text us two tell us they saw us on TV!

Thanks to John and Neola for the proof!

It was quite the time and a pretty entertaining game! My Rockies game tradition treat is kettle corn. Yum.

I even got some knitting in! The tickets we acquired were from a season ticket holder. I was a little worried about dishonoring the seats. I got over it and actually saw some major plays because I was knitting and not on my phone or reading or any other thing I've been known to do.
It was a great win in extra innings and they launched shirts at us. Luke caught us two!

This was to keep us occupied while they transitioned half the crowd to better fireworks seats.

Wow! What fireworks they were! They were so big and so many for so long! They felt close enough to touch. The finally was so big I could feel my ribs vibrating! I tried to get the big Rockies sign in the pictures for size perspective.

This whole adventure was totally spur of the moment and just kept unfolding its fabulousness! I'm pooped but wow what a night! Definatly harder to sleep now!
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