Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So since I've been back in Colorado Springs, I have been busy checking out school district websites, gathering application things, and applying for jobs. I've also been cooking up a storm! Yay kitchen! Our kitchen may be tiny but I really like the flow and the way I'm not separated from everything/everyone else.
Snickerdoodles, Bierochs, Island Chicken (a delicious Pinterest Experiment)
I've also been accepted/assigned to Nerd Wars, Team Bazinga! This is a three month long knitting/crotchet competition during which you complete projects that tie into your team. (It gets a bit more complicated than that, but its taken me quite some time to get the hang of it so I wont bog you down with details.) Team Bazinga was my top choice because it is based on the show the Big Bang Theory, and the Big Bang Theory encompasses many of my nerdy fandoms and my friends nerdy fandoms meaning I feel less restricted in my knitting! Lots of tie ins for the competition! Our first assignment was to create a Ravatar(Ravelry Avitar aka profile picture) that links us to the team. I've got a couple in the works, and I like them both so much it's hard to choose!
My initial plan was to take a picture in my Bazinga shirt recently given to me by the amazing Dani D. Then I thought ahhhh! I need a ball pit! The word "Bazinga" really comes alive in this scene. Don't believe me? Click this link and watch the video: http://youtu.be/skQGve3XksU 
Then I called Chuck-E-Cheese and they don't have a ball pit, the employees suggested I check with Chik-fil-a in Denver and the person working there said "We don't have one, let me check with my manager." and then proceeded to explain the health reasons why. He then suggested regretfully that McDonalds might have one. The guy at McDonalds didn't even know what a ball pit was. I was pretty sure I was out of luck so my friend Lucas suggested: "...wear the shirt, and over Skype, have your husband take a picture of the laptop, Amy Farrah Fowler/Sheldon style.
Brilliant! The guy is brilliant! So I started that project this morning. Except the two computers wouldn't skype to each other. So I took a picture of myself, white background. My computer white back ground and layered in Amy Farrah Fowler's apartment along with me and my laptop! I found the Bazinga font and we were good to go!
BUT! Then I remembered touring a daycare in town with my cousin that had a ball pit!! Ahhhh how cool would that be! So I called. The girl totally thought I was weird but said it would be no problem if I came by during naptime. So, I picked Luke up from work, we drove across town and he took pictures of me in a ball pit. What a guy! This one was my favorite! 
Here's the big problem! Now I can't choose! I'm torn! They both make me pretty giddy! So please! Cast your vote on the upper right hand corner side bar! 


Jenny said...

I like that the ball put one has your yarn and knitting needles.

Ms Howell said...

Ball pit!!! It is an amazing scene and the picture of you looks great!!!

The Luedtke Family said...

It's the ball pit, totally fun and completely you. You and your yarn.