Saturday, May 19, 2012

Education and it's Credentials

This has been an interesting time. Today the school of education held its graduation ceremonies. A whole mess of people got their BA's and MA's and we got our credentials. I have mixed feelings about this because these last three semesters "merely" got me a credential and yet I'm proud of being done. I'm glad the three semesters are over.

At the start of the program our cohort head count was about 20. Finishing the credential we are now at about 10. (2 of us weren't able to be there.)
One of my closest friends, Destinie, and I started the program together.

I'm proud to say we finished it together too.
I had considered not going to this ceremony, but looked forward to the closure it might bring. Getting my credential was also sentimental as my mother was an amazing educator and life long learner. My mom made her way through a B.S. in Home Economics, a single subject and eventually a multiple subject teaching credential, and a MS degree in business.
I felt like today was a day of sentimental note in regard to my mom and I was missing her very much today. I wore a skirt I converted from one of her old dresses and of course it was her token color blue.

This was also a sentimental day as Destinie was in my moms class during her second year teaching. I know my mom is so proud of both of us. Did I mention I miss her? I so wish she had been there.

On a brighter note my nails were Ravenclaw (OPI Dating A Royal) blue in honor of "Wit beyond measure.
I have bumped up my departure date to ASAP. I hope that none of my local friends and family will take offense. I'm feeling particularly ready to be back with Luke and doing a bit of reflecting.

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The Luedtke Family said...

Congratulations! You should be proud! Go to your Luke and live in love and happiness! Friends and family will always be with you.

Grandma G said...

Congratulations!! You've worked hard, and you made it!! And finally you'll get to STAY with Luke... right where you should be... hurray! I'll bet he's just as anxious as you are. ;)

I'm proud of you for hanging in there through it all! Now enjoy the next phase of your life. I hope it holds a lot of good things for you!

Stephen Greene said...

Congratulations! An endurance test in and of itself, made multiples more difficult by your separation from Luke.

Such dedication and sacrifice for the reward of doing great stuff with children. I'm sure your Mom stands proudly with you.

Now, have some fun....

Anonymous said...

Shad lav. The skirt turned out cute. Is that the top you were telling me about? It's hard to see in the pix on my dinky phone screen. Valpal