Thursday, May 17, 2012

Speedy Quick Recap

Holy smokes. The end of semester rush is in full swing, an of course in my last week of student teaching I was suffering from the worst allergies ever.

They turned into this lovely 100 degree fever.

I also went through a whole box of tissues.

This sickness was miserable. I was pathetic. I couldn't even knit, sew, or do homework. Ridiculous.
Then I went back for my official last day of student teaching.

The kids were so sweet!

Then I went back for a few make up days because I had been sick.
The kids were so confused.
In the meantime. Matt has fully caught the knitting bug and is successfully making hexies like a machine.

Tanya, Kim and I jointly taught the "O" girls how to knit. They're knitting like machines too! They can knit, they can purl, and are working away on their projects.

Matt then upped the anti when Tan taught him how to make mini Mrs. Weasley sweaters.

I'm also wrapping up projects I need to finish before I leave. Remember how my friend Alisa learned to make this quilt top for her baby niece?

Here it is getting machine quilted by me.

She gets to learn how to bind!
It will be ready just in time for her nieces birthday.
I'm still feeling residual drag from the sickness. I'm running pretty slow. Its really put a damper on trying to see everyone and do everything before I head back to my Luke. I sure miss that guy. I'll be glad to see him.
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