Monday, June 25, 2012

Colorado is Burning

There are/have been quite a few fires in Colorado this summer. Here in Colorado Springs we're experiencing record high temperatures and on Saturday we got a fire of our own. 
 Here you can see it from the our grocery store parking lot.
 As the day starts to fade into evening this is what we could see from our apartment balcony.
Below, you can see this normally empty section of parking lot, full of fire spectators who were all ironically watching the fire and smoking.
 The record high heat (into the 100's) combined with smoke in the air create quite the Fresno Smoggy effect and seems to be effecting the health of my neighbors. The two emergency vehicles are two of four that I have seen in the last two days.
 The horizon of the fire had spread by today.
 This evening the wind changed direction and blew the smoke in even worse. I though someone was cooking bacon or something else yummy when all of a sudden I realized it was major smoke! Shortly after, when I went outside, our view of the fired was terminated, but my cousin Tom sent me these pictures. He lives toward the north end of the city which confirms that the fire is moving north.
Please pray for the fire fighters! I'm feeling rather miserable with all the conditions, I can't even imagine how they're feeling! Please also pray for those displaced from their homes and those in fragile health conditions. Luke and I are young and healthy and are experiencing the side effects of the smoke, I can't imagine how others are doing.

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Little Spouse in the Old House said...

We have definitely been praying for all involved. Janice