Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Luke has gotten this healthy eating bug. He has decided that he'd like to cut grains out of his diet (except for tortillas and rice) and increase his intake of veggies, fruits and protein. I really shouldn't complain as he eats salad now and it has encouraged me to think outside the box, but really, this girl loves her some bread.
One of my first experiments was a broccoli, celery, potato soup. I cooked those ingredients in chicken broth with garlic, added salt, pepper and cayenne pepper and then immersion blended them until it was creamy with variable chunks. (Chunks remind people it's homemade.)

It kind of looks like baby food but it's pretty hearty and delicious. Easy to reheat, in consideration for Luke's un predictable schedule. I enjoyed two bowls full and Luke resisted trying it. I'm not sure why. Finally I heated the last bowl up, put it in front of him and asked him to try two spoons full. The bowl was empty in minutes thank you very much.
Another one I likes is these carrot chips. I quartered baby carrots and coated them with olive oil and let them marinade with garlic.
Then I spread them on a baking sheet and sprinkled some spicy pepper and ground up sea salt.

I baked them at 350 degrees. They were so good I didn't have time to take a picture.
I've also made more of that lentil chili. I cooked it with a homemade salsa from a friend instead of all that tomato business this time. It added quite the kick. It definitely meets Luke's spice preferences but it's got a bit too much kick for me to eat a lot of it. We come back to the need for convenient reheat ability due to Luke's busy am un-predictable work schedule.

I loaded these bowls up, some with shredded pork from the night before and some saving room for chicken I would be making the next night. Half of those are empty now.
Lastly, I made a healthy Mac and Cheese. I modified a recipe from Valerie's guy Matt to make it more healthy.

It's definitely not as great as the original, but it worked out.

I'd made it again. Though next time I'd probably re include the sour cream.
Lastly, it's been pretty warm here and I've been trying to get out to the pool. Thing is, we get afternoon rain. But going to the pool is a reward for getting all my stuff done. So I've been going about my chores and I just get out to the pool and the weather turns into this:

Sigh. The irony, I finally made it out to the pool yesterday and my front is now lobster red. I seem to always have a memory lapse during my first major encounter with the sun here. Then nature gives me a reason to remember for the rest of the summer.
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Anonymous said...

matt has a serious problem with the health-ifide mac and cheese. i think it looks pretty good. im glad that luke's diet got vetoed by all of the yummy goodness this weekend.-valpal