Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Baby Sister...

is marrrrriiiieeeeed! Ok, so we're 15 months apart. She's really not that much of baby sister. She's the one with the practical advice and I'm the one with the cooking/whimsy advice. We're often opposites, and yet so the same. Anyway. On June 9, 2012 she got married to Matt, her boyfriend of forever, in Las Vegas at a cute little place called Chapel of the Flowers.
 Val found the most perfect dress at J.Crew.
It was a simple, casual day with the focus being on Val and Matt and not all the little details and chaos.

 Insider story: When Matt asked Val to prom many years ago, he asked her with one of his stuffed bears, Gunther. Well Matt's mom Mrs. Croskey found medium sized white Gunther bears to sit on the top shelf of the cupcake stand and gave them little bride and groom outfits. Too perfect for words!
 I knit up this last minute bow tie for Yoda (pictured below) as part of my Nerd Wars competition! He wasn't thrilled but isn't he the funniest! That dog is quite the character!

 There was even some basketball watching going on at the end of the evening!

Congratulations Matt and Val! 


Anonymous said...

we felt the need to have a comment on this post love the harpskeys

Anonymous said...

fact correction: the dress i actually wore is from urban. although i did find a great dress at jcrew too. valpal

Anonymous said...

Very cute couple! Love to all of you! The Linares'