Sunday, June 29, 2014

Landing in Portland

Yesterday I flew into Portland for a visit with my friend since wee small childhood, Emilie. 
It was cool for a number of reasons. 
1.) I was on a brand new Delta plane. 
2.) My seat got upgraded to a more room,  more luxury seat.
3.) As we were landing I remembered the dense clouds of the Pacific Northwest! Now that I have more clouds to compare them to,I realize they're more dense than everyday Kansas clouds, but they're not as dense as Fresno fog. There's spaces between the white! Below the clouds is such a dense growth of greenery! Lovely!
3.) At the end of the flight, when I talked to a flight attendant about participating in my Careers and Science project (I'm collecting profiles of people with interesting jobs) she was all about it! Turns out she and her partner are flight attendant trainers! She even volunteered to give a profile to one of the pilots! 
4.) This amazing friend met me just outside of security!
Below is the photo fiasco that followed. 
So I cropped it and made a "collage."
Emilie doesn't technically live in Portland. We're actually going to be doing most of our hanging out in McMinnville. I got a fun Main Street tour last night. I'm looking forward to seeing it during the day!

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