Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My First Tornado...Warning

Today I was BUSY cleaning up my True Life Tuesday mess. My craft room looked like a tornado went through it. 
Around 8:30 I had just sat down to have a snack and watch a show when a Tornado Warning came on the T.V. It had been eerie gloomy and windy all day so I got out my Weather Channel App. Well when the app looks like this:
You grab some pillows, your knitting and head for the center bathroom tub. The the siren on the hospital goes off and really that's not so great for nerves either. 
Luke was at work. They really track weather at the golf course so I asked if this was a "go to the hospital basement down the street" sort of storm or a "hide in the tub in the bathroom in the middle of the house with no windows" sort of storm. He said the latter. Then he called later to make sure I decided to stay in the tub....because he was outside taking !pictures! and it didn't look good. 
Also, I think next time before I grab pillows and head for the tub I will turn off the TV. While I was listening to the wind blow, the rain smack, and the hail hit I kept hearing some kind of screaming. That was when I realized I left the TV on and the softball championship was on. Softball teams cheer for each other. 
I will also purposely keep one of the drawers in that bathroom stocked with emergency supplies: Water, granola bars, a flash light and a phone charger. My knitting was renedered useless as I was pretty much storm shocked and glued to my phone looking for updates. Within what felt like 30 minutes it was all over. It rained for a little longer and then we were done. I might still be a little storm shocked. I also probably appear to be a newbie to all the storm weathering veterans. 

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The Luedtke Family said...

When I head to the basement due to weather warnings, I now grab my purse. For the sole purpose of having my wallet, which has my identification and purchasing items. Just in case . . . it is a very horrific storm. I can prove who I am. After I grab the kids!