Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vegas Baby

The traditional  non-traditional crafters approach.
We tried something new this year. We (Valerie and I) got together our Aunt, Mother in Laws, and two of our cousins for a FABULOUS crafting weekend in Las Vegas. We had originally planned for quilting but realized we might have less time that we thought, so it morphed into a time to visit shops and sit and relax and work on portable projects.
I love that so many facets of our family can get together and have such a great time! 
 My sister's in-laws Cindy and Charlie were our hosts! On our outings we all fit into their car!
We went to Sin City Knits,

and Quiltique!
We hit some of the outlets, and even had a bra fitting....because well...the girls needed it.
Doesn't this look like an uplifting weekend?
Valerie and Neola were our beginner knitters this weekend. They're doing great!
We did some patio sitting and knitting, and enjoyed some tasty team prepared food! Val made me this sandwich. She is the BEST sandwich maker.
We even enjoyed some yummy drinks!
To top it all off we were forced to enjoy this view of the strip all weekend. Rough life eh?

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