Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oh Snap

After recent conversations with parents of younguns and fellow knitters the general consensus seems to be that snaps are the way to go!
 My first adventure happened in Garden City, with an inexpensive kit and a very cheap tool. After two hammers the tool was less effective. As I am in Fresno at the moment, I sought out some options at Jo-Ann's. While I had a handy dandy 20% off birthday coupon and a 30% off one item, I wasn't looking to spend a LOT of money on this venture PLUS as I'm traveling, I'm not really looking to increase the amount I need to carry in my suitcase. At least not really for the sake of crafting tools. I'm not that hard core.  I went with the option below for about $7.99. There were some other more convenient large hole punch like options for about $30.
Wouldn't you know it, my helpful Aunt Maggie, who I happen to be staying with, happened to HAVE a handy dandy snap tool. It was MILES handier than the silly Wal-Mart kit..
 This following is more for my benefit than yours. The snap tool is roughly the same age as Aunt Maggie's children. It does not have a snap size written on the tool. I was able to successfully use size 16 snaps (7/16 of an inch.)

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