Saturday, August 1, 2009

One In Every Color-Gumdrop Pendant

I love these pendants! My very good friends and "Other Parents" make fun fused glass products in their workshop. Their jewelry can be seen all over. I however happen to be one of those unique souls who have trouble accessorizing. Not that I don't have the accessories, I do. I just put a pendant on and leave it on. For a while. This is how I came to specially request these tiny little bubbles. They're fun, versatile, inconspicuous, and get LOTS of compliments! I have green for St. Patrick's Day, A pearly one, blue, teal, dark purple shiny, bubble gum zebra and more! Love these little guys. Go check out Mark and Cindy's re-named etsy store (Name Compliments of Yours Truly!) One In Every Color! <Click Here> If you want something a little more custom (whispies on top, diachronic, etc.) be sure to send them a message, they do lots of special orders!

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