Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Purse-onal

or maybe custom made by me would be a simple way to say it. Okay readers, you've been ratted out. I was at school and I found out I had an anonymous reader and today Cindy said someone emailed her about a purse they saw me carrying on my blog. I promise you can comment! I don't bite! How am I going to sell myself as a full fledged blogger if no one knows I have readers? Sigh. Some day. Anyway, about the purse.
I'd been admiring this Jessica Jones fabric for quite some time (Cindy really really likes Jessica's gotta be the name!) I wasn't really sold on the oranges and pinks though. I liked the prints, but could they really fit in to my life? I'm a blue, green, purple sorta gal. (If you couldn't tell by the shower curtain I helped...scratch that...picked out. I used my purse to pick out the towels. Anyway, then I found the fabric, and the free bag pattern. I made my order (jCaroline). Then I made my purse. (Free Pattern Here) And my laptop case (No pattern yet, no pictures as of now. I don't LOVE the laptop case, but it makes me happy, and its got enough laptop protection to serve as a pillow to. Kind of caused problems for the little featherweight sewing machine. Trying to figure out how to hid the botched up stitching.)
Making the purse went smoothly, and has simple directions that are fairly easy to follow. I was afraid of making the zipper pocket, even considered making it non was easy peasy. Don't be "scurred" you can do it!
Next up is a bag for all these crazy notebooks I'm carrying around for the credential program. I have a different coordinating fabric. Speaking of the credential program...I've been assigned to second grade for my initial student teaching. Pray for me.


Grandma G said...

Okay... I confess... I WAS HERE! :-) And I almost commented yesterday, but since I made 'the other bag', I was a little confused and thought I'd check things out with Cindy first.

Nice hobo bag! And I'm glad you like the fabrics. I already sent the pic and Cindy's explanation to Jess. She thought it was cool.

Actually, I think I commented here one other time, when you posted asking lurkers to comment... or something like that.

Cindy's MN friend/ Jessica Jones's mom

Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

Jessica, You will love second graders!! You got my prayers! Love, Janice

Christa said...

I did second grade for my initial student teaching, too. I really liked it, even though I wouldn't want to teach it. Enjoy!

Tanya said...

Love this purse!! The fabric and shape are great and your seamstressing (?) is awesome!