Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Disneyland...or at least an attempt?

Luke and I went to Disneyland just after I picked him up from the airport. I was super gung ho about going, but as soon as we got in line for the rafting ride in CA Adventure I felt really funny so we mellowed it down and took a couple train rides around the park. We met Luke's family just after the second time around at the entrance. That night we met Matt and Valerie at ESPN Zone (a restaurant whose grandeur, and value are lost on me.)
We went to DL on Monday, I was still pretty sluggish but determined to have fun and not miss out on anything!

How cool is this interpretation of popcorn?My favorite special food items were this: And this Big o pickle, which actually perked me up big time. I'm pretty sure this pickle had healing qualities.

(This is the space that should have been filled with more Disneyland fun but was instead filled with a trip to Urgent Care, and then the ER where Neola and John came to retrieve and deliver us back to Aunt Audries. At the ER they gave me meds and an IV and by the next day we were feeling significantly better. Neola, John, Jay, and Mark came to visit us at Aunt Audries and have smoothies before/after going to the beach.)

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Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

I'm sorry you were sick! But I love the family picture. Love, Janice