Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not Your Kansas Clouds

One of my friends Janice at Little Spouse on the Prairie sparked this one. She showed us pictures of her Kansas clouds. Then put out the challenge "Okay all you bloggers, show me the clouds!" I was trying to think...I notice the clouds all the time...call them shapes and give them names...but have I taken photos? Then I remember being in Manhattan Beach, I had just had dinner at The Kettle with Shan and Aunt Audrie. We walked down to see where they have the big 6 man volleyball tournament and other competitions. The lifeguarding competitions were going on and I was snapping pictures. The sky seemed much greyer and darker but for some reason the pictures came out with this fabulous glow! These are my Southern California Beach Clouds!

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Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

Beach clouds are awesome too! I do miss the beach! Love, Janice