Friday, September 25, 2009

Blooming Gifts

The last week has been...well...a little chaotic and stressful. Since Mom's diagnosis, and most recently the big chemo, we have really had to work together not only as a family unit but as a community to give mom some of the best care out there! Lois E. relayed a valuable thought to me last night on the phone.

"People can't hide their strengths or weaknesses when they're in a stressful situation."

We were really struggling as a family letting our weaknesses and and low levels of tolerance tug at our united effort.With the help of our friends and reassessing what is important we had a good family meeting this morning and got back on the same team. I also recognize what Lois said to be very true, and thankfully so, about strengths. I have learned so much about my father and sister since May and am coming to appreciate that. Do we have our differences? Yes. But they are extremely gifted in areas that I am not, and for that I am thankful.
I am also thankful also that our friends have not hid their gifts as we have been in a stressful situation. We have lately come in contact with some of the best cooks, nurses, prayer warriors, note senders, quilt makers, flower fixer uppers, blog followers and more. Peoples gifts and strengths have been coming out in leaps and bounds.
One of the highlights of this last week has been growth in the wedding flower area. Since I saw and fell in love with Princess Lasertron's flowers, AND got engaged to the fabulous Luke, I've been working toward making some similar flowers of my own...and I've got help! Mom worked on some before chemo took over her brain. Jullie (quilting buddy with a golf pro son)has been working on flowers up in the mountains, and Jennifer and Aunt Maggie started working on flowers the other day when visiting at our house. Since the day of visiting Jennifer has been a flower embroidering machine! It's been fun to see the different designs other people come up with. Inspiration. Its also really cool that all of their loving handiwork will be a part of our wedding!Okay so this picture is a little posed. The Ativan kept her from doing anything requiring fine motor skills, but we didn't want her to be left out of the sewing circle. It was so funny, as soon as everyone was around her, talking, she was able to relax and fall asleep perfectly.
Here is just a sampling of some of the flowers that have been worked on. I've finally got buttons...
and stems on!I'm really having a lot of fun putting the stems on because I get to use my favorite drill trick for twisting the wires all nice and evenly! I feel like I know a secret!Last but not least, Val's friend Kelly gave her a beautiful set of martini glasses and a shaker for her birthday. Val wanted to put her favorite mints in the glass to use it as a dish. Then she thought , take a picture and send it with the thank you note. Then I really liked how much potential the picture had and kind of took over. It sort of makes me happy. I think I like that the mints come in different colors. Shoulda sorted em out and taken a picture of "One In Every Color!"


Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

Oh my word! Those flowers are incredible! I love seeing all the friends in the picture! "If I were a rich man" or woman, I'd fly to California, sit in the circle of friends, and make flowers! Jessica you are a wonderful person, and you are growing so much! love and prayers, Janice

Anonymous said...

I am going to come to Idaho and crash your wedding just to eat a mint in every color. I love those mints.

The flowers look GREAT! At first I thought they were Princess Lasertrons, because they look so good, but then I recognised some of mine. We should start our own business of flower making because we did good.
Love the picture of your mom, so funny.

Christa said...

Those are amazing! I am so glad you have all seen the blessings during such a difficult time. How cool to have such a visual representation in that bouquet.

The Luedtke Family said...

I love, love, love the flowers! I may just have to order a bouquet from you! What's the name of your floral shop? Or other cool crafty shop where everything comes in every color? They look lovely and will keep forever!

Neola said...

You are so talented! I have to admit the flowers are cool! You all are doing a great job. Love the pictures of all the flower people including the sleeping beauty!

Tanya said...

Wowza! Those flowers look awesome! I can't believe how quickly they are coming along! What a great treasure to have at your wedding.

Maggie said...

Lois is right, stress brings it all out. It's a good thing we all have different gifts - imagine the "body" with only hands. As useful as they are, without the gifts of all the parts, not much can be done. You each have different and wonderful gifts. Good for you and family to appreciate each other.

The flower boquet is gorgeous. You're very clever to have imagined these flowers and to be bringing them to life.